Chile Powder 3 Pack Bundle - Ancho, Guajillo, and Arbol
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The Holy Trinity of Chiles: Ancho, Guajillo, Arbol

Chile Powder 3 Count Bundle - Ancho, Guajillo And Arbol

  • CHILI POWDER 3 COUNT BUNDLE INCLUDES: This 3 Count Bundle contains the oh-most-popular Holy Trinity of chiles in Mexican Cuisine: Ancho, Guajillo and Arbol

Ancho: Ancho chile is a dried, reddish-brown chili pepper that is approximately 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. The pepper has a sweet smoky flavor and a wrinkled skin. The ancho is a slightly sweet mild dried Chile with a smell very similar to raisins. It has a lot of flesh which gives sauces and salsas good body. Sauces prepared with anchos have a rich, deep red color which looks beautiful on a plate. Anchos add a lot of flavor to a dish but little-to-medium heat. If you are new to cooking with dried chiles, this ons is a good one to start with.

Guajillo: Guajillo Chiles are dried, shiny, leathery, red orange-red chiles used throughout Mexico as a base for rich salsas and sauces. They add a complex fruity flavor with bland to moderate amounts of heat. Guajillo chiles are the most commonly grown chiles in Mexico, and are sold whole, dried. Its green tea flavor with berry tones and sweet heart is perfect to make salsa for tamales or other salsas, pastes, butters, and rubs to flavor all kinds of meats and chickens; soups and stews. Guajillo chilies add a savory tomato and is a great base flavor for use in combination with cumin, oregano, chipotles and can be used to make a bolder chile paste for sauces or for the start of your dish.

Arbol: Arbol chiles are a small yet potential chili pepper found in Mexico which is also termed as bird’s beak chile or rat's tail. They are approximately 5 to 7.5 cm in length. These peppers grow as green and gradually turn out as red in color when they start maturing. They have a very bright and clean heat which can enhance the flavor of the foods. Even the bright red color makes this chile a great ingredient for garnishing and crafting. Arbol Chile Peppers are good for spicing your food. They can be used to add spice and heat in salsa, chili, and hot sauces. You only need to add a few pieces of the arbol chile pepper to add heat to your food.

  • AUTHENTIC FROM MEXICO - 100% Natural Product sourced from farms throughout Mexico
  • RICH FLAVOR - Great For Mexican Cuisine with smoky, earthy spiciness and rich flavor
  • GOOD FOR MEXICAN RECIPES - Good for Mole, Salsa, Tacos, Menudo, Pozole, Tacos al pastor, Tostadas, Chiles en nogada, Enchiladas And plenty of more Mexican recipes
  • HEAT SEALED BAG - Comes in a reusable heat sealed bag, 3 x 4 oz for a total of 12 oz.
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